Formed in 2002 by guitarist , songwriter and producer Gabriele Palermo.Tragedian was concieved from the idea of combinding musical virtruosity,
speed ,heaviness
and melodic elements within a variable format.Taken notes from such influence's as N.W.O.B.H.M.,Shred and German Melodic
Speed Metal ,and rather than trying to reinvent a wheel thats been reinvented a million times,Tragedian takes the best elements from each genre
and makes thier own interpretation.

After a series of tribute cd appearances and sharing the stage with such bands as Mob Rules , Paragon , Pagan's Mind and Eternal Reign, &
Osukaru, the debut cd was released in 2008 followed by a supporting tour through Sweden and Finland with Burning Point and Cryonic Temple.

The summer of 2009 saw the preproduction of the follow up cd with a new line up consisting of Vocalist Val Shieldon (ex Oracle Sun),Bassist
Steve Vawamas (Master Castle , ex Shadows Of Steel), Keyboardist Dany All (ex Synthphonia Suprema,Fogalord) and Drummer Max Polon.
Decimation was released to commercial and critical acclaim in the summer of 2013 with a supporting tour and live shows throughout 2013
and from 2014 till 2017 with new members Bassist Dirk Seifert Dölves (ex Paragon),Singer Alex Blank (Powerslave,Hamburg Iron Maiden Tribute)
and Drummer Nicolo Bernini while working on a new production.

In August 2017 saw the completion of the 3rd Tragedian cd. 11 brand new songs of power, speed and melody including guest appearances by
Kai Hansen (ex Helloween,Gamma Ray & Unisonic) and Bob Katsionis (Firewind,Serious Black ,Outloud) adding thier expertise to this new
collection of songs.