24.03.2018 - Unholy Alliance Metal Meet

Just a few weeks left until we hit the stage and debut songs from our current cd at the world famous Markthalle in Hamburg.Tickets are still available by either dropping us an email at  tragedian(at)

24.03.2018 - Happy Birthday To You...

Happy birthday to bassist Dirk Seifert-Dölves, our man who not only helps keep the Rythem steady but also lays grooves down heavy enough to build a house on.

19.03.2018 - The Clocks Ticks On

The clock is ticking towards our next gig where we will play tracks from our new CD live for the first time!!! We will team up with our friends Night Laser and Neophyte.Check live dates for venue and show info.

19.03.2018 -  First Results

In this day and age where internet and computers dictate what we see, hear and buy, we can either rant endlessly about all the illegal downloading and piracy that still continues or we can thank you all who heartily for not only buying our new CD in the digital age or better yet buying a legal download! We must admit that at first we were a bit worried how the reaction was gonna be, but after seeing the sales reports, it only confirms our fan base is still behind us. A big cheers to the old fans and a hearty welcome to the new fans we made. Do check back for live updates and we still have TShirts with the Unholy Divine cover art available and of course physical cds. Please drop us a mail for size and order info

19.01.2018 -  Radio Promo

Once again we invaded Radio Beef head in Hamburg with long time friend and supporter Stevie S. playing 2 new tracks from our new release "Unholy Divine". Thanks to the 2 winners Thomas and Frank for calling in and for your Questions.

 05.01.2018 - First interview

First interview in support of "Unholy Divine" courtesy of Cry Of The Wolf Magazine

 05.01.2018 - Happy New Year,New Release,New Merch.

Happy New year to you all !!!! today is also the release date of our new cd  "Unholy Divine"  featuring Special guests as Kai Hansen,Bob Katsionis (Firewind,Serious Black) and Andreas Babuschkin (Paragon) Available as cd directly from us,our label or  Ice Warrior Records or as MP3 format via Google Store,I Tunes ,Deezer and Apple Music.New Tshirts are also available displaying the newest artwork.