25.08.2013 - New Cd Now Available

Our new cd "Decimation"is now finally available!!! Cds are ready to ship.You can order your copy directly from us for 12,00 + shipping by clicking on contact for exact shipping price to your area.

01.08.2013 - New Release Date + Live Show / Release Party

Due to a delay beyond the control of us and our label, Decimation will be released worldwide as download and physical cd on Friday August 30.On Saturday August 31,2013,Tragedian will play live at the Markthalle in Hamburg to lauch the release of Decimation.You will find in the Live section  all details.Presale tickets can be ordered directly through us by writing to our contact email.

19.06.2013 - CD Sneak Preview and Live On Air Interview

Tomorrow on June 20, Tragedian mainman Gabriele Palermo will appear on the 20th year annivesary show from Radio Beef Head, Tide 96.0 in Hamburg.In addition to discussing current and upcoming band events,a sneak preview of the upcoming release "Decimation" will be presented.Tune in to at 20:00 pm Central European Time. Decimation will be released worlwide via Ice Warrior Records on July 27,2013

08.02.13- New Deal And Release

Tragedian is proud to announce that our new deal is concluded and we have signed with Ice Warrior Records.A very special thanks to Franko Sturm and the rest of the staff at Ice Warrior / Rock It Up Records."Decimation" will be released in early summer with live dates and merchandise to follow.


22.03.12- Second Cd Completed

Our second cd is now completed.10 tracks of speed,power and heavy with an epic intro and surprise cover song.Not only was Uwe Lulis a special guest playing some fills and solo bits but he co produced , co mixed and mastered.


30.09.11- New Member  Announced

Not only were the first 2 shows with the new line up a success but also proof that strength is in the numbers.After a few years of being a session member,Dany all has joined Tragedian officially.


09.08.11- Upcoming Live Shows

Were just a few weeks away from our first show with the new line up.On Friday August 26th we will hit the stage at 22:00 at the Markthalle/Marx   along with fellow Hamburg bands Seven Seas and Rohbau . Doors open at 20:00 and presale sale tickets are still avalible fromall local ticket outlets or by contacting  this site directly.On the following day we return to the Meisenfrei in Bremen with Eternal Reign and Mob Rules.Doors open again at 20:00 and we will be on at 21:00.


04.04.11- Press Release : Gabriele Palermo to join Neil Turbin's DeathRiders Stay Screaming 2011 European Tour

DeathRiders (featuring. Neil Turbin the original voice of Anthrax) will return to Northern Europe for Stay Screamin" 2011 Europe Tour starting May 6th at the Highway to Dokkem Open Air show in Leeuwarden,Netherlands at Pop Podium Romein.  Neil wrote and sang on seminal Thrash album "Fistful Of Metal" and wrote "Armed And Dangerous", "Gung Ho" and other Thrash classics.   DeathRiders will perform songs from their upcoming debut album "Back With A Vengeance" due out in 2012 as well as Turbin penned Anthems like "Metal Thrashing Mad" "Deathrider" "Gung Ho" "Death From Above" "Panic" "Subjugator" and maybe even "Howling Furies" that you probably won't hear on the Big 4 Tour.  The 2011 line-up for Europe is Neil Turbin - Vocals, Mike Guerrero - Lead Guitar, Dave Chedrick - Drums, Melanie Sisneros - Bass and joining DeathRiders in Europe from the band Tragedian is Gabriele Palermo - Lead Guitar Ex-Stormwarrior.


16.03.11- Second Cd On The Way

The completion of our second cd is coming to an end. For those of you who enjoyed "Dreamscape" ,will for sure enjoy as well the follow up.Since the current members have a better chemistry both personally and professionally and the share the same musical backround ,Tragedian is now able to continue further on a more focused path.Once again at the production helm is band leader Gabriele Palermo.


24.04.10- New Site,New Line Up

We are happy not only to announce our new website but also our new line up as well.After a few years together,the line up that brought you "Dreamscape" parted ways due to various reason (personal and professional).After a  month long break ,the start of the follow up cd has begun with new members  vocalist Val Schieldon (ex Oracle Sun) , bassist Steve Vawamas (ex Shadows Of Steel) and long time friend on keyboards Dany All ( Synthphonia Suprema,Fogalord).In the Link section you can find the Tragedian community sites regarding the current members past and present bands and projects.


24.03.09- Back from Tour

All we can say is WOW! and a big thank you to all the fans who turned up at the shows of our first Scandenavian tour.It was a real pleasure to play and meet with you all.Most of all i would like to extend a heartfull thanx to Jussi Ontero,Pasi Hiltula,Jukka Jokikokko for not only kicking serious with thier own band Burning Point but for also as the backing band for Tragedian.Another Special thanx goes out to our former singer Patrick Van Maurik (Montany,ex Reviver) for stepping in at the last minute for Timo.I would also like to thank the members of Cryonic Temple &  Pete Ahonen,Pekka Kolivuori of Burning Point and merch guy and driver Jari for a pleasant and professional atmosphere throughout the tour.

01.02.09 Tour Dates & Merchandise Announced

We are finally ready to announce that we will make our way to Finland and Sweden for a few gigs with our friends Burning Point and Cryonic Temple. You will find in the Live section the already confirmed dates and upcoming dates as they are confirmed and venue & ticket information. Merchandise is now avalible.We now have ready to ship T-Shirts and posters, click on contact and drop us an email for product and shipping prices.

12.09.08-CD Release Today

It's Friday September 12th and our debut  "Dreamscape" is now avalible worldwide.You can either Purchase a copy at a shop near you,online via I-Tunes and various other download sites or you can order through us directly.Just drop us a line for ordering info.

07.09.08-Cd Release Date + Party

On Friday September 12th our debut  "Dreamscape" will be released worldwide via pysical and digital distribution.The cd will be  also through the homepage and pre orders are now being taken.For ordering info you can inquire via our contact link.As well on Friday the 12th we will hold a listening + release party at the Night Light. 22:00 the doors open and the party starts.

04.08.08-Cd Release

Finally,after a few months of negotiations,our debut cd "Dreamscape"will be released on Friday september 12. on  Music Buy Mail / Artist Service. We would like to thank Sebastian Eder not only for releasing the cd but for also sharing the same enthusiasm about the product.

18.04.08-Power & Glory "The Best Power Metal Hymns Now Avalible

You can now purchase the newly released sampler by AFM Records featuring Tragedian's anthem "Conquerors" directly from the band.To order please contact us for price and shipping info.Band leader and founding member Gabriele Palermo will be glad to personally autograph each ordered cd upon request.For a complete track listing please clink on releases .

16.04.08-Power & Glory "The Best Power Metal Hymns

Tragedian will be appearing on an upcoming  sampler released by AFM Records on May 16,2008.Other bands include Nightwish,Helloween,Hammerfall,Primal Fear,Jon Oliva's Pain and Rage.

14.02.08-Management Announced

Tragedian is proud to announce  that we are now represented by

29.12.07-The End Of Another Year

Once again the end of another year dawns upon us and what a year it was from the debut cd finally being finished to new members coming in as well as new projects being started.What we can say that the release of the cd is in process as well as merchandise as posters and shirts.From all the members of Tragedian,we wish you all a happy and safe New Year.

07.12.07-Upcoming Gig

Back once again at the Ballroom Hamburg Sharing the stage with our long time friends Paragon and Animalize from Hamburg. Tickets are avalible either at the Ballroom Hamburg or click on contact and drop us an email for tickets or reservations.To all world wide metal fans,this show can be viewed on as a live stream.All you need to do is click on the link, open a free account, crack some beers open and bang your head that doesen't bang.To all metal fans in northern,Germany here's the chance to show the world that Heavy Metal is alive and well on this side of the world.

22.10.07-New Member And Gig Announced

Tragedian is proud to announce our new bass player/backing singer  Stefan Otte. On November 9th we return to the stage this time along side Dreamland and Rough Silk. A limited amount of tickets are avalible either at the Ballroom Hamburg or click on contact and drop us an email for tickets or reservations.

11.07.07-Artist Revealed

Tragedian is proud to announce Rainer Kalwitz as the artist who will illustrate or cd cover.You may remember Rainer's previous works such as Kenziner,Ivory Tower,Concerto Moon,Shadow Gallery and various others.For  More info regarding  Rainer and or his works,you may contact him at Myspace


The mixing and masterering our cd recently got underway at Black Solaris Studio in Frankfurt,Germany with none other than Uwe Lulis behind the desk.At the same time some bass tracks were re-recorded by world known Italian bassist  Alessandro Lotta


The finalization of the new Italian allstar project "Fogalord" is now a reality.Lead by Synthphonia Suprema and Tragedian guest keyboardist Dani All,this musical journey blends the influences of  Manowar, Rhapsody, Blind Guardian, and Grave Digger.Special guests: include Gabriele Palermo,Terence HollerEldritch) on Vocals and Frank Andiver (ex Labyrinth, Wonderland, Oracle Sun) on Drums.Since this project is newley formed we are without a deal for the moment but in the process of putting together and recording material to secure one soon.As well as talking to a few known bass players within the Italian metal scene.You'll find further info and developments here or on the official Myspace page

20.02.07-First Gig for 2007

Just confirmed,Tragedian will be returning to The Ballroom on March 23 playing along side Rebellion (featuring ex Grave Digger member Uwe Lulis.This will be our first home town show is nearly 3 years and  the level of intensity wil be high as we take the stage with new songs and a new line up.Tickets are now avalible for 8,00€ in advance or 10,00€ on the day of the show.For more info please contact management at

19.09.06-Another Guest Musician Announced

Joining us in the future on a special guest basis will be keyboardist Dani All from the Italian Symphonic Metal band Synthphonia Suprema

19.09.06-Guest Musicians Announced

As the completion of our debut cd is coming to a end,we are very delighted to announce that  keyboardist's Markus Teske from Red Circuit and Producer, Engineer for Symphony X, Vanden Plas, Mob Rules and Saga and Malte Rathke (Jürgen Blackmore Group) will help us to complete the last 4 remaining tracks taking over for Ingo.Ingo was the second keyboarder to join and was here until January 2004.Over the years he developed a strange muscle condition which is now impossible for him to touch a keyboard.Until a few months ago,we tried everything possible so that he could at least finish what we started as a team and friends, but no luck at all.All hope is not lost as he can at least still play guitar  in which he is equaliy as great.Markus will handle a full track,a traditional neoclassical solo, and a classic re-make which is included as a bonus track while Malte will score a complete orchestration for our fastest track .More Info is on the way.

27.08.06-New Interview And Endorsement Announced

Behind The Veil webzine from Greece recently conducted a interview with Gabriele, click Here to read more.We are proud to anounce that Brave Amps from Italy has chosen Gabriele as a new endorsee.Many thanks to Fabio Bernadino for making this possible  and  soon a profile page and photos will be uploaded at the companys official homepage.

05.06.06-The Good,The Bad, And The Ugly

First off,a very big thank you to all the people who were in attendence at the Meisenfrei in Bremen on Friday June 2nd for a overwhelming response to our first show with the new line up.A  big thank you goes out to our soundman "Big" Mac and the great staff for a Smooth evening and last but not least Paragon for joining us.A few days before the mini tour started we encountered a few problems with the second show in Denmark.Due to someone's misunderstanding of the words "Expenses covered",we had no choice but to pull out at the 11th hour.We are very sorry for this and especially to the people who would of  seen us for the first time and a few of our fans who were gonna drive down from Sweden for both shows.We do promise to add Denmark and the rest of Scandanavia to our upcoming agenda.

22.04.06-New Project On The Rise

Finally Gabriele's long planned guitar album will begin to take shape within this year.A wide range of variety is planned from new age acoustic to orchestrated sound track type songs  and of course  some old school shredding. Dushan Petrossi (Magic Kingdom,Iron Mask) will be joining in on a few tracks for sure helping to make this a classic instrumental cd since Cacophony's debut.

09.04.06-Touring Drummer Announced

We are proud to announce that Lennart Medebach will be behind the drums for the upcoming gigs.Yesterday the first rehearsal for the upcoming shows began and the band is sounding and working better than ever.At the moment Lennart's schedule permits time for the upcoming dates, but we are hoping that he could play with us more in the future.

02.04.06-Tour Update

On June 2nd  Gun Barrel does not play in Bremen.In their place will be long time friends Paragon filling the empty slot.This is the first time since Tragedian's first show that they will share the stage and a after show party of madness before heading to Denmark.

13.02.06-Music For The Masses

After many requests for song samples,3 full demo songs were uploaded in the download section.Please note that these are rough demos of whats to come later this summer but good enough to give old and new listeners an idea of our music.As well a shop will soon be opened as we have some merchandise ideas in the works.

07.01.06-Studio Report

Happy new year to all and welcome to the first update for 2006.Yesterday at a secret location in northern Hamburg,Gabriele was finalizing the drum recordings with up and coming producer Eike Freese.Some of you may also know him as the producer,guitarist,and singer for Dark Age.Even though the music is traditional,sound wise it will be a little diverse since 3 different producers will be used on our debut cd.Within the next few weeks we will upload some songs in the media section.

25.12.05-First Live Dates For 2006

From June 1st till the 4th we will be out on the road with Gun Barrel and Eternal Reign.A excellent value for money package of 3 diverse metal bands. You will find in the GIGS section the dates as they are confirmed and venue information.

22.10.05- The Boys Are Back In Town

Co - founding member/bassist Marc Schönberg rejoins Tragedian in the studio as they prepare to finalize the debut cd. Even though his schedule is hectic at the moment, he still wants to conserve what he started composition wise to see the end result of the hard work that was done as a band effort.

16.10.05 - New Vocalist Announced

After a short search was launched, Tragedian is proud to announce and welcome Timo Behrens to the band (see BIOGRAPHY for the story). We would like to thank Patrick for his participation to the band as well as the tribute samplers (see RELEASES) and we wish all the best to Patrick and his wife as they are expecting thier second child. Currently, Timo is preparing to record vocal tracks while Gabriele fine tunes the songs at his home studio "Area 69".

25.08.2005 - CD released

Finally "The Revivalry - A Tribute To Running Wild" featuring our version of "Masquerade" is now available in stores everywhere.

24.07.2005 - CD release postponed

The "The Revivalry - A Tribute To Running Wild" featuring Tragedian's version of "Masquerade", has had the release date pushed back to August 22nd by Remedy Records. The limited edition two-cd set can be ordered exclusively from

10.07.2005 - Friday show canceled!

We regret to have to inform you, that due to a reason that is beyond our responsibility, Tragedian's appearance on friday, July 15th 2005, is cancelled, but bandleader Gabriele Palermo and former bass-player and co-founding member Marc Schönberg will show up for a meet and greet anyway.


The guestbook is online. You are welcome to leave Your comments, suggestions and ideas here!


Welcome to Back online with a new look,attitude and line-up,Look on for the latest official happenings on and off stage as well as other special events.Please be patient as half the site is ready, but the rest will follow as soon as possible.

16.03.2005 - FIRST NEWS

It's great to be back after a year of some changes.First i would like to say a big thank you to Paragon, my first brothers of doom in Germany for giving Tragedian our first break and the chance to to play our first show to a nearly packed club.The fine ladies and gentlemen who not only saw us at the first gig ,but at the other gigs as well.Thank you very much again for the past and no doubt future support.After the last show in june with Mob Rules,Tragedian briefly split up.After a 1 month break, Gabriele decided to finish the recordings of the debut c.d. alone as the search was on at least for a new vocalist.After a few months of talks with a few known singers,Patrick Van Maurik (check BAND for full bio) was chosen as new frontman and lyrical partner.Since September 2004, the recording got underway again with a new attitude and inspiration thanks to Patrick's participation.Early january 2005, Gabriele,Patrick and former bassist Marc Shönberg layed down the classic Saxon track "motorcycle Man" (check RELEASES for more info)as well as finishing the debut c.d..Joining this new line up, unfortunatly in the studio only will be Paragon bassist Jan Bünning.